CV. Ratu Aroma

Cinnamomum culilawan Oil
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04 May 2017
1 Kg

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Lawang Oil is a natural product from a tree and almost impossible to replicate artificially. the source of this oil is a very jealously guarded secret by the villagers that produce it.headache-1. Hundreds of years ago lawang oil was discovered on two small islands on the Indonesian Archipelago. Considering there are more than 17,000 islands that constitute Indonesia, this makes Lawang Oil very rare indeed. Lawang essential oil is wonderfully energizing.  It is purifying to the environment when diffused. Soft, warm, spicy, clove like, woody, balsamic notes. Lawang essential oil blends is used in natural perfumery to make spice blends, oriental perfumes, diffuser blends, and men’s colognes.

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